Sarah Madeline

Sarah Madeline is a Canadian artist and writer based in Aliso Viejo, California. Madeline was chief editor and contributing writer for SCAN, a contemporary art publication at the University of Manitoba. She later became head curator at The Sunroom Artspace in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty 1 territory. She has since moved to California to continue her practice.

Madeline’s work sifts through new and obsolete technology, to fuse distinct qualities of each to one another. Analog and digital processes are often merged with industrial materials to synthesize physical and virtual spaces. Her use of found objects, images, and organic matter reflects on remnants and temporality, which are key elements in her practice. Madeline incorporates each medium to harness a balance between analyzing the past and anticipating the future.

Yellow orchid
Orchid shadow

Selected Exhibitions + Screenings

  • 2023Iterations, The Wrong Biennale
  • 2021Salvaged, Hallucinea Film Festival, Paris, France
  • 2019Protein, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018What Composites Hold, BFA Honours Show, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Still-Likeness, Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Great and North, Palazzo Loredan - Istituto Veneto Di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, Venice, Italy
  • 2017The Art of Theft, GOSA, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2016Magpie, Starving Artist Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2018Madeline, Sarah. "Bringing Female 'Otherness' to the Centre in Isolated Landscapes: Video by Prairie Women Through Luce Irigaray's Post-Feminism." SCAN Contemporary Art Journal no. 5 (2018).
  • 2017Madeline, Sarah. "Laura Letinsky's Photography: Remnants of Presence." SCAN Contemporary Art Journal no. 3 (2017).


  • 2018Co-editor for SCAN Contemporary Art Journal, Issue no. 5
  • 2017Co-editor for SCAN Contemporary Art Journal, Issue no. 3

Curatorial Projects

  • 2018Nazlı Dinçel: Between Relating and Use, head curator, hosted at The Sunroom Artspace for Nuit Blanche, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Passage, co-curator, The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Effort Vs. Chance, co-curator, The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Portals, co-curator, The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada

Curatorial Collaborations

  • 2018Dissonance, head curator, Actually Milk Collective hosted at The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada
  • 2018Spectator / Boundary Net, co-curator, Nuit Blanche, Winnipeg, Canada

Education + Awards

  • 2018BFA (Hons) University of Manitoba
  • 2015UMSU Scholarship
  • 2014Isbister Scholarship in Fine Arts